Stock Photography and Enlargements

Photos are available in a variety of printed formats:

  • Any size from 3" x 5" to 16" x 24", and in some cases even larger (depending on format of original negative/slide);
  • Different colors, including full color, black & white, and sepia.
  • Various papers, including matte, watercolor matte, velvet (cotton based), luster, semi-gloss, and glossy;

Your choice of finish, including:

  • As is' (i.e. unmounted/unmatted/unframed), 
  • Mounted/unmated/unframed (on your choice of foamcore or posterboard),
  • Mounted/matted/unframed, 
  • Matted/matted/framed
  • Plaque mounted/laminated, 

High resolution electronic versions are available for stock photography only (i.e. not for personal use). Please contact us (link to contact page) for further details.


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