Calendars are available in several different formats. You can specify individual photographs to be included from our collection, supply us with your own photographs, or simply tell us what theme you'd like and let us choose appropriate photos for you (e.g. cats, castles).

Calendars come in various sizes, from 5" x 8" up to 13" x 19. Available formats include:

  • 1 page/1photo year planner ("), laminated and with optional magnets on the back;
  • Standard calendar, 1 page/1photo per month, double or single sided, folded in the middle and stapled;
  • Deluxe calendar, 2 pages/1 photo per month, double or single sided and spiral bound;
  • Standard and deluxe calendars also available in 2 or 3 months per photo;
  • Anniversary calendar, 1 page per month, with no year or days of the week so it can be reused.


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